Freshers Week and Why I Now Hate SClub 7.

First of all I would like to say that this blog is a perfect example of peer pressure in action. Despite something I have always been interested in doing it’s never something I ever saw myself ever getting round to. However, in the past couple of weeks blog fever seems to have hit the halls. Both Craig ( and Rori ( have blogs and have encouraged us all to jump on the bandwagon. So, I’ve spent the the last week trapped in what felt like an Ayrshire Nike advert – being bombarded with the phrase “JUST DAE IT!” Those words ringing in my ears, I’ve decided it’s probably about time I did something productive with a Sunday.


The past two months have been strange.


Not only have I moved from my home in the North East to the Central belt – I have moved in with 19 other teenagers. It will come as no surprise that they all differ quite strongly from my family. For example, never before have I found any of my family spooning (literally cuddling) a bottle of MD 20/20 in the kitchen – something that I’ve seen quite a few times since I arrived at Stirling University. Having said that, this difference is not to the detriment of any of the people I live with and is in fact one of the highlights of being in halls.


It’s not that I don’t miss home but it is nice to have an en suite to spew in after a night out.


Freshers Week

5 things freshers week taught me:


  1. Paying for an F-Pass is pointless. Particularly if you rarely make it out of pre-drinking in the kitchen.
  2. Drinking for a solid week is not good for you, mentally, physically or otherwise. I probably knew this in advance but sometimes you need a reminder.
  3. Bradley from SClub 7 is a bit of a dick.
  4. Sheila by Jamie T is a song that everyone should know and like. If they don’t you should probably avoid them.
  5. Keeping your kitchen clean is essential to maintaining friendships.


Some points in this list probably need more explanation than others but sticking to the numerical order is probably the easiest way to avoid mass confusion and panic.


1. From the first day of Freshers week the Stirling Union F-Pass was shoved down your throat to the point it could make you gag. It advertised the ability to go to all the freshers events and of course get a smashing free t-shirt. Not buying one of these was probably the best decision I have made since embarking on my university career. I went to two freshers events, one of which was shit (see number 3) and paid to get into neither. There were also two occasions in the week where I had to go to bed before one. Alcohol is not your friend, despite my constant attempts to make it my best pal.

2. My memories of Freshers are few and far between. However, the hangover I had on the Thursday was the worst I have ever had and I can only imagine it will be the worst I’m ever likely to have. It haunts my nightmares.

3. Another of my lasting memories is one that will stay with me for years and confirms that you should never meet your heroes. SClub 7’s appearance on the Freshers week calendar was a bit of a farce frankly. For one, I’m pretty positive that there were seven members of S Club, not two. However, I still seemed drawn to the Union that night and managed to wander in through the back door and see the “electric” set for myself. Of course, this really does depend on your definition of the phrase electric. Certainly, the set must have contained some electricity in the literal sense but the atmosphere was shite. I’m sorry, but anyone could clumsily mix together pop songs and S Club7 – it doesn’t take an under enthusiastic former member of said band to do so. Without a second thought I left, just as the set was ending – only to bump into Bradley as he too was leaving. He barged right past me and has now earned himself the everlasting title of Bradley – the dick from S Club 7. I would whole heartedly invite all four of you who will probably read this to call him the same. I’m trying to start something.

4. Sheila is a belter. Plain and simple. If you haven’t listened to it – listen ( There are about five songs that remind me of freshers week, this being the cream of the crop. With that in mind L.S.F. – Kasabian and Valerie – The Zutons, both also deserve honourable mentions.

5. Never before have I seen anyone get as worked up about dirty dishes as the people I live with. Having said that, nobody – myself included – wants to see week-old pasta stuck to the bottom of a sauce encrusted pan. Clean that shit up. Just as a general rule for dishes – and anything in life for that matter – if it starts to smell, you should probably deal with it.


So that’s it. Hopefully enough to stop Rori’s hounding and not so bad that you don’t even get to this sentence. I should point out I did actually enjoy Freshers week quite a lot, but writing negatively seems to suit me down to the ground. I also like the people I live with, despite what it may seem from reading this. Finally, while Bradley might be a dick, it is true there ain’t no party like an SClub party.





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